Forward with Fibre


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This booklet will support farmers understanding of the role of fibre from crop growing through to feed out, as well as providing a practical guide on how to both produce the best quality forage possible and maximise utilisation of it within the full “lifecycle of fibre.”

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What will you find inside the Forward with Fibre booklet?

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All about fibre

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Plan for high quality silage

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How to improve forage quality and reduce feed costs using Opticut

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Ensiling and storage best practice

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Increasing the value of forage at feeding out

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Manure management

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As an expert in microbial fermentation, Lallemand Animal Nutrition is committed to optimising animal performance and well-being with specific natural microbial products and service solutions.

Learn more about how our specific products can help increase fibre utilisation on your farm, visit our product pages below:

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.