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Jul 12, 2018

Lallemand’s 1st Swine Liquid Feed Exchange

Jul 12, 2018

As part the Lallemand Forward service offering, Lallemand Animal Nutrition organized the first swine Liquid Feed Exchange, on July 3 at the ISPAIA institute. In partnership with Bioarmor, more than 25 professionals in swine nutrition were able to take a closer look at the swine liquid feeding system — from the microscope to the feeder.

Vincent Couture, Brand Manager – Swine Feed Additives, presented a study conducted by Lallemand Animal Nutrition about the microbiological quality of the raw material, and the consequences of microflora profiles on the soup fermentations. He provided an overview of the biofilm concept; a description of the phenomenon; the aggregation and the colonization of the farm; the liquid feed machine circuits — the key factor influencing its composition; and the potential effects on animal performance.

Hervé Jaunet, a veterinarian working with the ISPAIA institute, presented information on the different causes of sudden mortality in swine farms, focusing more on the porcine Intestinal Distension Syndrome (PIDS), sometimes also described as “enterotoxemia”.

Finally, Dominique Baudry, an engineer and member of the Lallemand Animal Nutrition sales force, explained the mode-of-action of the lactic acid bacteria Pedioccocus acidilactici MA18/5M, part of Bioarmor solution under the brand name Bactoflor. A representative from Bioarmor also presented several farm case studies and testimonials from users.

The event showcased Lallemand’s commitment to partnerships and to helping improve knowledge among industry professionals.