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Feb 08, 2020

Meet the team: Mike Burns

Feb 08, 2020

Mike Burns is Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s Regional Business Manager in Northern England along with support for Fane Valley in Northern Ireland and brings a wealth of experience to his role providing technical sales support to a network of distributors as well as supplying nutritional advice to farmers in the region.
Mike has over 25 years’ experience of working with ruminant farmers, helping them increase the utilisation of forage. A Cow Signals Master he brings a rounded approach to getting the most
from forage and has been selling our products for over 20 years.

What is your background?
After leaving college I joined Franklands Feeds, selling a wide range of products to ruminant farmers in Cumbria including blends, forage seeds, milk powders, minerals and straights. They are very few product categories that I have not sold to farmers. From Franklands I moved to Pye Farm Feeds as a ruminant nutritionist and then Wilde Agriculture in Cumbria before joining Lallemand Animal Nutrition eight years ago.

What is your role with Lallemand Animal Nutrition?
I work with our distributors providing technical support, training and participating in farmer events. I also do dual farm visits providing advice on forage production and utilisation as well as doing rations for a number of farmers. I also work closely with contractors who are a crucial link in the quality forage supply chain.

What is your driving objective?
Simply, to help farmers produce sufficient quantities of high quality forage. If you have poor quality forage constructing diets is more challenging, often more complicated and expensive. If we have good forage then rationing is more straightforward. So I want to help farmers understand the opportunities to improve forage quality, help them produce a better quality foundation to their rations and then help make sure the forage is utilised as effectively as possible.

How does working for Lallemand Animal Nutrition help you achieve this?
Lallemand Animal Nutrition is at the forefront of the development of forage inoculants with access to considerable R&D. The new Magniva range is an example of this. In addition, I have access to a range of technical services to help me in my work with distributors and farmers.

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Phone: +44 (0) 79665 13990