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Mar 02, 2020


Mar 02, 2020

Increasing forage efficiency is a proven way to help improve margins and potentially profitability, according to Lallemand Animal Nutrition‘s Roy Eastlake who says Magniva forage inoculants can make a significant difference.

Forage efficiency can be defined as the potential kilos of forage dry matter and megajoules available in the field that are actually fed, and maximising production from this forage.
Waste is a major cause of reduced efficiency as the crop is grown but not fed. If we can reduce waste, we can feed more silage and reduce purchased feed use. What is more, total forage costs will not increase significantly as you will have already paid the contractor per acre, applied fertiliser per acre etc. You have invested to make the forage, so increasing forage efficiency gives you a better return on investment.
Magniva crop and condition specific forage inoculants, the result of over 10 years of extensive research at many of the leading global silage research facilities, are proven to have a big impact on reducing silage waste, improving forage quality and helping farmers take control of forage costs.
Containing a unique, patented blend of homofermentative and heterofermentative bacteria and a powerful combination of enzymes, Magniva Platinum inoculants ensure a faster initial fermentation and then reduce heating and spoilage when the clamp is opened. Our patented combination of the exclusive
L. hilgardii CNCM I-4785 and the extensively proven L. buchneri NCIMB 40788 delivers excellent aerobic stability after just 15 days in the clamp and superior long-term stability. They achieve this by producing compounds that inhibit the activity of yeasts and moulds which cause spoilage and heating.

Silage clamps can be opened earlier

With Magniva Platinum inoculants you can open clamps safely much earlier, giving increased flexibility about buffer feeding for example. Once the clamp is opened, you will see lower levels of the yeasts and moulds responsible for silage heating, which in turn leads to better feed values and improved palatability. The result is more silage to feed with better nutritional quality.
Magniva Platinum Grass Wet is specifically formulated for wetter grass silages and more difficult to ensile crops while Magniva Platinum Grass Dry has been developed for higher dry matter grass. The practical benefits delivered by Magniva inoculants are considerable. Many farmers are looking for increased flexibility when feeding crops and need to be able to open clamps sooner. The risk is that if you open the silage clamp before the fermentation is complete you will increase waste due to poorer stability. Magniva Platinum inoculants produce a more stable silage than either grass silage ensiled with no inoculant or straight L. buchneri when clamps were opened after just 15 days. They then ensure the clamp remains stable. When a clamp is unstable it begins to heat up. Silage heating is a big issue and is important as heat is produced by burning energy, reducing the feed value of the silage and reducing its production potential. It also can reduce palatability and intakes.

Silage clamps stay cool for longer

Magniva Platinum Grass Inoculants significantly reduce silage clamps heating once opened which means more energy is available to feed (see graph). Compared to untreated silage and silage treated with
L. buchneri alone, Magniva Platinum Grass Dry inoculants reduced energy loss by at least 110MJ per tonne of dry matter. In a clamp of 1000 tonnes at 30%DM, this can add up to enough energy to produce 6000 more litres from forage, allowing a potential saving of 2.7 tonnes of concentrates.

Magniva Inoculants
Finally, trials show that the enzymes in Magniva Platinum Grass inoculants improved NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre) digestibility compared to untreated silages. If you can improve fibre digestibility you can increase dry matter intakes, further increasing production from forage and forage efficiency. Increasing forage efficiency should be a priority on all farms looking to improve margins and profitability. Magniva Platinum Grass inoculants can play a significant role in this. Contact us for more information.