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Oct 09, 2013

Rumen School in Brazil

Oct 09, 2013

Logo Rumen schoolLallemand Animal Nutrition promoted on September 17th and 19th the project Rumen School for the first time in Brazil. It has happened in two different cities from the Southern and Southeastern of the country: in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul state, and Jaguariúna, São Paulo state.

Professors from important universities were invited to talk about rumen anatomy and physiology. Edson Poppi and Lucas Mari, from Lallemand Brazil, and Aurelién Piron, from Lallemand France also talked about rumen efficiency signals, research on live yeast use and the importance of fibre on ruminant diets. In both events, there were many people interested in knowing more about the rumen efficiency and the good rumen management: 35 attendees in Jaguariúna and 90 attendees in Passo Fundo, what means the total capacity of the rooms!

Eliane Gatto, Product Development Supervisor of Nutreco, attendee for the Rumen School in Jaguariúna, said: “Rumen School was a different training from others I use to participate. The adopted training model was very dynamic, allowing theoretical understanding of the rumen anatomy and digestive process, and then the practical understanding, which give us a better learning. The level of knowledge from the technicians that presented the training attended to my expectations and the presence of technicians from other countries, like Aurelién, makes bigger the prestige and importance of the meeting. Congratulations to Lallemand for the work done and I expect to attend other trainings like these. Thank you for the opportunity.” These words just confirm the great success of the Rumen School in Brazil!Rumen School in Brazil Lallemand animal nutrition