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Sep 25, 2013

Territory Business Manager, Lindsay Reyes implements educational feeder schools

Sep 25, 2013

Lallemand Animal Nutrition Territory Business Manager, Lindsay Reyes has developed an educational program to help support dairy producers in her area. Reyes is providing an added value service to dairy producers called feeder schools, which help educate dairy producers and employees about feed management, shrink and deviations working through feed software.

By teaching dairy producers and their employees about bunk calls, the Lallemand Animal Nutrition team helps them learn how to properly use feed software to help ensure limited feed waste and maximize profits. This is done by reading bunks to ensure they are only going up or down 1-2 lbs of dry matter, which can be compared with milk production and ration costs as well. This gives the dairy operations an idea of how production and profits are effected by the changes in feed. Additionally, the Lallemand team teaches the dairies employees about the cows’ digestive system and explains the functions of each of the four stomachs. The program wraps up with some educational information about Lallemand and Levucell® SC, which can be used to help optimize rumen function.

Reyes and the Lallemand Animal Nutrition team have conducted 10 feeder schools to date, all of which were very successful training seminars. Reyes hopes to establish this as a program other business managers can use to provide their customers as well.