Lallemand Animal Nutrition
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Research and Development

Lallemand's Research and Development

Lallemand’s focus is on research-based products, especially proprietary strains of yeast and bacteria. The Lallemand R&D team works with a network of research partners at Universities, Institutes, and Companies from all over the world. Cooperation with specialists in each sector provides a powerful resource for development and knowledge.

Internally, the Animal Nutrition R&D team benefits from close co-operation with other departments within Lallemand:

  • Human Nutrition research is conducted at the Lallemand-Institut Rosell facilities in Montreal.
  • Genetics and fermentation research is studied in Lallemand’s laboratory at the Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) in Montreal.
  • Process development and scale-up is performed at the Toulouse laboratory and the Montreal pilot plant.
  • Microbial ecology is studied by Lallemand researchers working at the INRA (French National Agricultural Research Institute) facility in Clermont-Ferrand (France) and the Ruminant Center of Excellence at BRI (Canada)

Overall, this multisite, multidisciplinary approach is supported by a high level of company funding, positioning Lallemand as a major player in the development of microbial products for Animal Nutrition.