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Incorporating MAGNIVA Forage Inoculants into your management program will help:
Feed more quality tonnage
+4.2 tons

Extra tons of DM
per 100 tons

Increased palatability
Proven in MAGNIVA Titanium, Silver & Classic
Maximize nutrient and feed value
MAGNIVA Titanium produced significantly better quality grass haylage with lower ammonia, no butyric acid and higher crude protein and DOMD compared to the untreated haylage.1

Retains more nutrients
Improve fiber digestibility
+4 points

of NDF-D7

Increased digestibility
Proven in MAGNIVA Titanium, Silver & Classic
Enhance bunk life and consistency
MAGNIVA Titanium has shown improved aerobic stability in silages and TMRs produced using treated silages.8

Increased aerobic stability
Proven in MAGNIVA Titanium
Improve feed intake

FCM per day

Improvement in
average daily gain

Increased palatability
Proven in MAGNIVA Titanium & Silver
References: trial summaries available upon request
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